How many fourths in 3 fourths? Write an expression to the problem.

1 Answer
Aug 10, 2017



To solve a problem like this, you have to turn the words into algebraic expression.

The question is "How many fourths in 3 fourths?"

So, let's give each "part" of the question an algebraic/numeric value:

How many (this is the variable, what we want to find out) : #x#
Fourths : 1/4
Are in (we can look at this to mean "are equal to") : #=#
3 fourths : 3/4

So, how many fourths are in 3 fourths can be written as:


To solve for this, we just multiply by 4 on both sides to get:


So, there are #3# fourths in #3# fourths.
The statement above sounds somewhat "obvious" - it is not necessary to solve this type of question algebraically since it can be solved with logic too. We want to know how many fourths are in 3 fourths, so since we know we are dealing with the common "factor" of fourths, the question in a way answers itself - that there are #3# (what we want to find) fourths in 3 fourths.