How many grams of #KClO_3# are required to produce 7.50 moles of #KCl#?

1 Answer
Feb 9, 2016

To answer this question, you're going to apply dimensional analysis, a method which is important in learning chemical stoichiometry


Given 7.50 moles of KCl as the target amount in the problem, used the coefficient of the balanced chemical reaction involved to determine the number of moles of potassium perchlorate needed. After which, multiply the number of moles of potassium chlorate with its molar mass. This will give you an answer equal to 1039.125 grams of potassium perchlorate. The dimensional analysis involved is shown below:

Mass of potassium perchlorate, g = 7.50 moles KCl x (2 mol KClO3)/(2 mol KCl) x (138.55 g KClO3)/(1 mol KClO3) = 1039.125 grams KClO3