How many milliliters are in 0.0020 L?

1 Answer
Feb 3, 2016

#2 mL#


Remember that there are 1000 mL in 1 L, so using the conversion factor #(1000 mL)/(1 L)# to cancel out the litres and change it to mL, we get...

#0.0020L * (1000 mL)/(1 L) = 2 mL#

Another way to solve this (the shortcut method) is to move the decimal point to the right by the number of zeroes there is in the conversion factor. However, note that this would only work if we are converting units that are multiples of 10 and if the larger number is on the numerator. If the larger number is in the denominator of the conversion factor, then move the decimal point to the left instead. This may confusing at first but after a while (and of course when you practice solving these kinds of questions) it gets easier.