How many moles are in 360 g of glucose, C6H12O6? How would I be able to find the answer to this problem? The molar mass of the compound is 180.01 g/mol.

2 Answers
May 11, 2015

Well, looking at your units only, considering that every mole has a mass of 180 g., I would do:
#360/180=2 mol#

This problem can be solved to find an answer of 2 mol using the dimensional analysis technique.

#(360g C_6H_12O_6)/1# x #(1 mol C_6H_12O_6)/(180.01g C_6H_12O_6)# = 2 mol #C_6H_12O_6#

Here's a video which illustrates how to solve a problem converting from

video from: Noel Pauller

And here is an advanced example...

video from: Noel Pauller