How many moles are in 453.6 g of table sugar, #C_12H_22O_11#?

1 Answer
Jan 2, 2016


There are approximately 1.32 moles in 453.6 grams of table sugar.


To convert between moles and grams use the formula mass.
12 carbons times the atomic mass of about 12 equals 144.
22 hydrogens times the atomic mass of about 1 equals 22.
11 oxygens times the atomic mass of about 16 equals 176.
Now add up 144 + 22 + 176 = 342 which is the number of grams in one mole of sugar.
To find the number of moles in 453.6 grams, divide 453.6 grams by 342 grams/mole.
To convert from grams to moles, divide by the formula mass. To convert from moles to grams, multiply by the formula mass.