How many moles of gas occupy 22.4 liters at 27 Celsius degrees and 0.50 atm of pressure?

1 Answer

Thanks for the gas law question.

In order to solve this problem, we can use the Ideal Gas Law.

PV = nRT

Pressure needs to be in atmospheres (.50 atm)
Volume needs to be in liters (22.4 L)
n is the number of moles (and your unknown in this particular question)
R is the universal gas constant (R = .08206 #L*atm#L/#mol*K#)
T is the temperature in K (oC + 273 = K, so 27oC + 273 = 300. K)

(.50 atm) ( 22.4 L) = n (.08206 #L*atm#/#mol*K#) (300. K)

Please do the math and check your answer below:

The number of moles (n) is .45 moles. This number is rounded to the correct number of significant figures.

Have fun with the gas calculations!!