How many significant figures are there in the number 24.006?

2 Answers
Sep 2, 2016

There are five significant figures.


A significant figure is one that has been experimentally determined by a measurement. Numbers generated by calculations are not significant.

The .006 would not have been written ( at least correctly) if the value had not been measured to nearest nearest one thousandth ( #1/1000# .

The .006 has three significant numbers.

The 24. has also been measured for two more significant numbers.

There are a total of five significant numbers.
( This is a very precise balance.)

Nov 25, 2016

There are five significant figures in #24.006#.


Two important rules for determining how many significant figures are in a number are:

  1. Non-zero digits are always significant.
  2. Zeros between two significant digits are significant.

In the number #24.006#

  1. The numbers #2, 4#, and #6# are significant.
  2. The zeroes are between #4# and #6#, so they are significant.

All the digits are significant.

∴ There are 5 significant figures.