How many silver atoms are there in 4.01 g of silver?

1 Answer
Jul 12, 2016

#2.24xx10^(22) "atoms"#


Okay, so this is a two step question. By that I mean we have to go from grams of silver to moles of silver to atoms of silver:

You can never relate the mass of a substance to the atoms of that substance. The number of moles must always bridge the gap between the two units.

I must also add that # 1 "mol of any substance" = 6.023xx10^(23) "atoms"# and the molar mass of Ag is 107.87 g/mol

With that let's begin:
#4.01cancelgxx(1cancel"mol")/(107.87cancelg)xx(6.023xx10^(23) "atoms")/(1cancel"mol") #

#2.24xx10^(22) "atoms"#