How much hydrogen does the sun use in one day?

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4 million tons is converted into energy,/oer second..


Sun consumes 600 million tons per second and produce 598 million tons per second 4 million is converted into energy.
4x3600x 24 x 365.242 tons per day.

Nov 15, 2017

The sun consumes #5xx10^13T# of hydrogen in one day.

Think of how long it would take you to collect one #T# of hydrogen!


The amount of hydrogen the sun does use in one second is about 600 million tons of hydrogen. That's according to NASA.

Then in one day the sun would consume:


If we were to consider the Earth has a mass of #1.35 x 10^21# tons, then the sun would burn up the entire earth in 70,000 years. - NASA
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There is more information on the sun here (but be prepared to spend a lot of time at this site):