How should I interact with others on Socratic?

1 Answer
Apr 7, 2015

I should act the same way I act on other websites I use, you might be thinking. Or even the same way I interact with people in real life.

Well … not quite. The Socratic ecosystem is designed to promote learning, which makes it a bit different than other websites and real-life situations.

To help contribute to this environment, keep the following in mind as you ask, answer, and collaborate with other folks on Socratic:

  • Use positive, encouraging, and helpful language
  • Never let anyone feel stupid
  • Acknowledge, appreciate, and support others with hellos, thanks, and guidance
  • Pay it forward and help out where you can
  • Don’t agonize over mistakes; the community will help correct them
  • Be collaborative—we are smarter together!
  • Respect others’ learning styles and teaching methods
  • Report bad language, spam, or inappropriate activity

Finally, remember that it’s harder to gauge someone’s tone or intent over the Internet. Go out of your way to make those around you feel welcome and at ease.

If you’re ever unsure about how to act in a certain situation, refer to our full guidelines or email us anytime.