How to plot the points for half life graph ?

1 Answer
Apr 16, 2018

This will be a standard x-y graph in the 1st quadrant


The max value on your y-axis will be the amount of material you start with. Let's say something like 10 kg of a substance that has a half-life of one hour. Your max y axis value will the 10kg.

Then, your x axis will be time. After 1 hour, your x,y point will be (5,1) corresponding to 5kg and 1 hour. You'll only have 5kg of your substance because 1/2 of it will have decayed in that first hour. After 2 hours, you'll have half of the 5kg, or 2.5 kg, so your x,y point would be (2.5,2). Just continue the process. You'll get an exponentially decreasing curve.