How was war on the Western and Eastern Fronts different? How was it the same?

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Mar 2, 2017

IF we are talking WW2, then the Eastern Front was far wider in scope and ferocity


The eastern front lasted from June 41 to May 45, from the outset it was a war not to simply defeat the enemy but to destroy him, and as far as Germany was concerned the population slavic population was classed as semi-human and destined for use as near slave labour to support Germany - As the tide turned after Stalingrad Dec 43, the Soviet forces slowly crushed German opposition fired by revenge against the barbarity of German treatment

The Western Front was never anything as intense (over a sustained period), had far less troops involved much less barbaric
To contrast the two roughly 0.4 million US Troops died in WW2 (all theatres) and almost no civilians - Russia lost something like 11 million troops and between 7 and 11 million civilians