How were the scientists of the Scientific Revolution influenced by Renaissance ideas?

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Jun 4, 2017


Renaissance created a renewed interest in the scientific thought of the Greeks and Romans.


In many ways the Renaissance worked against the Scientific Revolution. The Renaissance revered the work of the "ancients" including the scientific thoughts of the Greeks. Greek Science was based solely on observations and deductive thought processes.
The authority base of the Greeks worked against a revolution in scientific thought.

The Scientific Revolution was based on experimentation and inductive thought processes. Scientists were rebelling against the authority structures. Scientists wanted to be free to challenge authority and to express independent ideas. The authority of the Greek scientists and the Roman Catholic church fought against the Scientific Revolution.

In many ways the protestant reformation had more influence on the Scientific Revolution than the Renaissance. The Protestant Reformation advocated for independent thought on spiritual matters.
This encouraged independent thought on Scientific matters as well.
Many of the leaders of the scientific revolution were Protestant.