How would you compare and contrast global warming and the green house effect?

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Jun 29, 2018

Global Warming -What is happening to the world right now, also goes with the term Climate Change as it is natural.
Green house effect -A natural effect our atmosphere has on the planet, which helps keep heat in.


So with both of your points defined, we can now compare/contrast explain them.

People often get these terms mixed up, however when people often do use global warming, instead of climate change, nowadays, we a usually using it in conjunction with the idea that it is caused by human activity, of which some of it is, it is more so the fact it IS being sped up by human action, rather than being via natural action such as volcanic eruptions etc.

The green house effect is what keeps us warm on planet Earth, and helps to prevent heat escaping into space.
The green house effect is made up of a physical substance, that being carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor and nitrous oxide to name a few, all of which are naturally occurring and SHOULD be producing this effect naturally. It is however the first one which is causing the most problem due to there being unnaturally high levels of it.

Human action has caused more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses like that listed to be released and further the effect. DUE to human action, the green house effect (which is natural) should be when we speak of it be called the enhanced green house effect. Enhanced because we added to it.

Global warming and climate change being is sped up and effected by the enhanced green house effect. It is human action which has sped up this change and warning and could (and probably will) lead to many organisms becoming extinct.
The world's climate has always been in a state of cooling and warming (see the Ice Ages) for a long time, caused by natural phenomena such as volcanic events, which release huge amounts of carbon dioxide, ash, water vapor, sulfur dioxide which added to the (natural) green house effect.
It is however when humanity started reaching the industrial revolution stages of development, that the effect became more enhanced.

Hope this helps!
-Charlie .P