How would you describe conditions in Europe after WWI?

2 Answers
Mar 2, 2018


their conditions were very poor because they were dealing with the aftermath of the war and the loss of thousands.


thus Europe was in great peril because hospitals and homes were destroyed.

Mar 3, 2018


Chaotic and full of problems and possibilities.The destruction of the Russian, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and German Empires threw the world into totally unknown territory.


After World War 1 conditions were chaotic in Germany and Eastern Europe. The map of Eastern Europe was redrawn several times in the next few years.

The French and the British were busily dividing the spoils of the war between them but still reeling from the enormous human cost of the War. The Victors still froze out Asia, the Middle East and Africa from benefiting from the peace. The colonial rule was not broken just adjusted.

The 1920s brought a world trying hard to forget the disaster that had just happened. There was recovery for a while then the depression of the 1930s brought hardship.

Germany's civil administration had been centered around the German Army General Staff during the War. The Government was taken up by a civilian democratic administration that had very little experience in democratic administration. War reparations, civil unrest, inflation, and great unemployment destroyed the German Economy. There was continued street fighting between Left and Right through the 1920s.

America was trying to mediate the Peace but President Wilson's health and idealism could not complete the task. The Peace was not ratified by Congress. America returned to isolation.

Over all the rise of the Ideologies on the left and right would set the stage for World War 2.