How would you describe the structure and function of ATP?

1 Answer
Aug 27, 2016

ATP is an energy molecule. ATP is the way the the body stores and releases energy by adding and releasing the third Phosphorus ion.


ATP has three phosphorus ions in a chain. The third phosphorus is like a spring. It requires a great deal of energy to attach the third phosphorus to the Adiene molecule. The cell uses the oxidation of glucose sugar in the Kreb's cycle to obtain the energy to attach the third phosphorus ion to the complex.

When the cell needs energy it releases the third phosphorus which releases energy to the cell. When the third phosphorus is gone the molecule is now ADP Adiene di phosphorus .

Think of ADP like a charge card. Energy can be added to The ADP making ATP. This energy can then be release or used at any time the cell needs the energy. The ADP that results can be reused by reattaching the third phosphorus