Hypobromite is used to purify contaminated water. What is the formula for hypobromite?

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Sep 25, 2016

Hypobromite Ion: BrO-


Inorganic nomenclature uses prefixes and suffixes to indicate the oxidation state of the primary ion, and thus the way in which it is combined with oxygen. The prefixes are (none) – neutral state, hyper – fully oxidized, and hypo – minimum oxidation. The suffixes “ide”. “ite” and “ate” further define the oxidation state.

For the bromine element, with available oxidation states of 0, -1, +1, 3, and +5 the combinations with oxygen are similar to those of chlorine (Cl) which is in the same Periodic Table column as bromine.
Bromine is the neutral element with on oxidation state of 0. Bromide is the ion with a -1 oxidation state.
Hypobromite Ion: #BrO^-#
Bromite ion: #BrO^-2#
Bromate ion: #BrO^-3#
Perbromate ion: #BrO^-4#