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I missed 18 out of 75 questions. What is my score?

2 Answers
Jul 25, 2016


Your score is 57 out of 75.


Simply subtract 18 from 75 to get your answer.

Decimal Form: 0.76
Fraction Form: #19/25#
Grade Form: 76% (C)

Jul 25, 2016


The percentage of questions answered is #76%#


The #ul("score")# will depend on how many of the answered questions were correct!

#color(red)("Assumption_The question is asking: What is the")#
#color(red)("percentage of questions not missed?")#


The count of question not missed is: 75-18 = 57

Expressed as a fraction of all questions gives #57/75#

But percentage has the bottom number (denominator) as 100 so we need to change the 75 into 100.

If you wish to maintain the same ratio, for multiply or divide of fractions, what you do to the bottom you do to the top

Multiply top (numerator) and bottom (denominator) by #100/75#

#(57xx100/75)/(75xx100/75)" "=" "76/100#

So the percentage of questions answered is #76%#