I need to write an essay about Mark Twain being the best American author, and an antithesis about how Huck Finn classified Mark Twain NOT being a good author. I have the race stuff, but are some more ideas?

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Mar 6, 2018

Another idea that shows that Twain was not particularly a "good" author is that he put down other authors, especially those of the Romantic Era. The dialect used in the book could also be deemed as immature by some.


For instance, the steamboat, Sir Walter Scott , was named after the Scottish novelist. When the steamboat sinks, it represents how the literature of that era is sinking from fame and public interest.

Also, Twain includes Tom Sawyer's love for romantic and chivalric adventures as a way to show it's extreme ridiculousness. For example, when Tom and Huck are trying to rescue Jim from Aunt Sally's cabin, Huck finds a simple and efficient way to release Jim. However, Tom laughs at Huck's inexperience it such things. Instead, he suggests the longest route possible that contains the riskiest actions and most tedious work.

At the time, Twain's use of Huck's childish dialect and Jim's southern accent would be thought of as immature for a writer like Twain. However, today, many interpret this as a mature trait showing Twain's experience and his ability to depict the characters in a believable light.

These points of how Twain laughed at authors and literature of past decades can be used to show that Twain was not particularly a good author in that he did not appreciate past works.

However, personally, the racism and the use of the n-word is a more prevalent part of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn that could show that Twain was not particularly a considerate author.

Many actually think that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn made Twain a good author, so these ideas need to be used in a certain way to show Twain's weaknesses in the book.

Hope this helps!