I really need help on this, please! Do you have to capitalize parents? Thanks!

My parents were in the car already and we zoomed off in our car to the stadium.

My Question:
Is it parents or Parents?

1 Answer

The noun "parents" is a common noun, a general word for one's mother and father. A common noun is capitalized only when it's the first word in a sentence.


In your example sentence, you're providing relationship information about the people you're referring to.

A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing. The noun "parents" can be used as a proper noun if used to address specific parents, for example: "You did a nice job with my party, Parents. I enjoyed it very much." This is an example of a noun of direct address, using the noun "parents" as their title.

In the example, "I'd like to introduce my parents, Jim and Mary Smith." This is a common noun, providing the relationship of the people you're introducing.