I want to write the sound of a painting by Dali. How do I do this?

1 Answer
Nov 3, 2016

A few thoughts...


How about abstracting things out of the painting, then providing audio interpretations of those abstractions.

For example, starting with a painting like "The Persistence of Memory", we might pick out:

  • Interplay between soft and hard objects (soft watches on hard edges).

  • Distortion of time (the 'melted' pocket watches).

  • Things which appear solid but have been eroded by a long passage of time (the rocky cliffs in the distance).

  • The dead remains of something living (tree).

  • No living things except the ants (a symbol of decay).

I think I would combine the follows sounds:

  • The distant sound of waves crashing against a shore.

  • The tick tock of a watch or watches slowed down and distorted.

  • An occasional clitter-clatter as of ants moving.

  • Low slow string sounds fading in then dropping in pitch with a step in the pace of change of pitch to represent the edges over which watches are 'draped'.