If a flea weights 0.103 cg what is it’s weight in nanograms?

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Feb 22, 2018


The flea weighs 1030000 nanograms.


To understand how to apply this conversion, you have to understand their magnitude in comparison to a gram.

A centigram is #1 *10^-2# grams, whereas a nanogram is #1*10^-9#grams. If you divide a centigram by a nanogram, you get the number of nanograms in one centigram and the conversion factor. You can do this because you converted both into the same units: grams.

#(1*10^-2)/(1*10^-9)# equals #1*10^7# so there are #1*10^7# nanograms in one centigram.

To find the number of nanograms in a certain amount of centigrams, you multiple the amount of centigrams by #1*10^7#.

Hence, .103cg equals 1030000 ng because #.103*(1*10^7)# equals 1030000.

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