If a man and women inherit a particular trait at roughly the same rate, would you expect this to be an autosomal or sex-linked trait?

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Mar 17, 2018

Autosomal dominant & X-linked dominant


Sex linked traits can be of two types,

1. X-linked : which shows criss cross inheritance,i.e if in a generation father is suffering from this type of disease,in the next generation the daughter inherits that but may or may not suffer depending on the condition of the other #X# chromosome.

Similarly mother passes her abnormal chromosome to her son,who generally suffers from this disease,being hemizygous in nature .

strictly speaking this is true for X linked recessive disease only,for dominant cases both the daughter and the son will be the sufferer,without any specific criss cross pattern

2 . Y-linked(Holandric) this only passes from father to son.

Now for autosomal diseases,there is no sexual variation,be it dominant or recessive,it can pass through any of the offsprings,depending on the nature of the other chromosome present(in case of recessive only).

I would better suggest you to study a 2 generation pedigree analysis #1# each for autosomal dominant,autosomal recessive,#X# linked dominant,#X# linked recessive and #Y# linked diseases.