If Jacob ran 24 kilometers, how many miles did Jacob run?

2 Answers
Apr 6, 2018


#14.9# miles


#1 km=0.621#miles

#24km=0.621xx24=14.9# miles

Apr 6, 2018


About 15 miles


According to this website (courtesy of thecalculatorsite.com)

The best way to convert from km to miles is to:
Take your kilometer value and half it,then take a quarter of your half and add it to your half- now you have it in miles

So in this case:1. Half of 24 is 12
2. A quarter of 12 is 3.

Hence 12+3=15

So 24km equals 15 miles (more or less- it's about 14.9 miles).

If you want to convert from miles to km, my personal method, which I suggest to use, is simply to add 60% of your value in miles to itself to get it to km.

In this case: #(15) times (1.6)=24#

Which corresponds perfectly.