If one gallon equals 3.78 litres, how many litres are there in three gallons?

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Apr 11, 2018



So you have this ratio of gallons to liters:


Multiply the number of gallons by 3 to get 3 gallons, and to keep the same ratio, you must also multiply the liters by 3 as well.


Apr 11, 2018

#11.34 " litres"#


Using ratio in fraction format. Note that this is not a fraction but a direct comparison of counts.


But we need 3 gallons so we need to change the 1 into the value of 3.

Multiply by 1 and you do not change the value. However, 1 comes in many forms.

#color(green)(("litrs")/("gallons")->3.78/1color(red)(xx1) color(white)("ddd") ->color(white)("ddd") 3.78/1color(red)(xx3/3)color(white)("d") =color(white)("d") 11.34/3 )#