If some one says let me fetch that information for you and I want to ask that Have you fetched the information? Is it correct sentence

1 Answer

Yes it is but see below for a couple of thoughts:


Let's lay out the conversation being asked about:

Person A: Let me fetch that information for you.

< some time passes >

Person B: Have you fetched that information?

A couple of observations:

  • Is this acceptable English? Yes.

  • When Person B asks about the information that A is supposed to be gathering, the word "yet" could be added to the end of the sentence to indicate a more strongly worded question:

Have you fetched that information yet?

  • The verb "fetch" is typically used with animals (ex. dogs) where the human throws a ball and the dog races off to get it and bring it back so that the human can throw it again. It's called "playing fetch". It's not wrong for Persons A and B to use the verb "fetch" in our situation, but it's not the usual verb choice. Some alternative choices (each one carrying its own connotation):

grab, get, access, snag, retrieve, find, etc...