If the temperature a substance increases from 20 to 35 Celsius, what is the total temperature change on the Kelvin scale?

1 Answer
Dec 10, 2016

The change is an increase of 15 Kelvin.


Calculating changes in Celsius and Kelvin will reveal the same magnitude. If the change is +15 degrees Celsius, the change is +15 Kelvin (note that it's not degrees Kelvin, just simply Kelvin).

You can use the conversion, which is 273.15 Kelvin = zero degrees Celsius. Since it's a relative scale, #1^0# C = 274.15 K, and #2^0# C = 275.15 and so forth. This isn't really useful in your calculation, because you're just trying to evaluate the total temperature change, which will always be equal when comparing Celsius and Kelvin. It gets a little trickier when involving Fahrenheit units.