If you performed an experiment with one of these species and painted over the blue patch with red color in male 1 and then placed male 2 (with a normal blue patch) in the same enclosure, what might you expect to see?

Many species of lizards have colored patches of scales along the side of the body. In some species, males have blue patches that function as releasers for territorial behavior and females have red patches that function as releasers for courtship behavior.

1 Answer
Jul 16, 2017

Probably a big fight, with one very confused male lizard!


Assuming the color is the trigger, the 'normal' male would approach the modified male, thinking it was a female to mate. The modified male would only see a 'trespassing' male, and defend its territory.

Thus, the modified male would be acting normally while the normal male would be extremely confused about why a "female" looking for a mate was aggressively attacking it whenever it approached.