If you were back in time, would you and why would you support it?

HELPPPPPPPPPP!!!!! I have to write an argumentative essay about the bill of rights. Pretend that you were back in the olden days. Ignoring what you know now, would you support the making of the bill of rights or is the constitution fine? Why?

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Dec 5, 2017


A) READ them.
B) AGREE with them?
C) Are they already covered in the Constitution, or should they be expressly stated?


I could write why I would support it, but that wouldn't be YOUR perspective, would it?

You FIRST need to know just what they are. So, read them all. If you don't understand some of them, maybe that is an indication that you wouldn't support them (in that form, at least) either.

You SECONDLY need to know whether YOU really agree with them (and conferring them on everyone else) or not. IF not, then you wouldn't support them.

FINALLY, if you agree with them, is it really necessary to state or list them explicitly? Aren't they already covered in the core Constitution? Show where and how, if they are.