In a group of 50 patrons, 18 patrons like lattes, 16 patrons like espressos, and 8 patrons like both coffee drinks. How many patrons don't like either of the coffee drinks?

1 Answer



There are 50 patrons. Some like one kind of coffee, some another, some both, some neither.

Of the 18 patrons that like lattes, 8 of them also like espressos.
Of the 16 patrons that like espressos, 8 of also like lattes.

This means that we can say that the number of people who like only lattes is #18-8=10#.

We can also say that the number of patrons that only like espressos is #16-8=8#.

And now we have everything we need to do the complete breakdown:

#(("Only likes lattes",10),("Only likes espressos", 8),("Likes both",8),("Likes neither",ul24),("Total patrons",50))#