In a mall, 1/15 of the stores sell shoes. There are 180 stores in the mall. How many of the stores sell shoes?

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A ratio question! Let's look first at what we're trying to find.

We have a mall and the mall has 180 stores. We want to know how many of them sell shoes. What we're told is that #1/15# of them do - so in essence, we're given the reduced fraction, and we're asked to find the unreduced fraction. So we can say this:

#"reduced fraction"="unreduced fraction"#


We can now proceed a few different ways. One way is to cross-multiply the fractions, so we'd get:



Another way we could go would be to multiply the fraction on the left by a form of 1 to make it equal the right:

#1/15=1/15(1)=1/15(12/12)=12/180# and so we know that #x=12# (this method only works well if we know that x is an integer!)