In the reaction #H_2S + 2O_2 -> H_2SO_4#, the law of definite proportions predicts that for every mole of #H_2S#, you will need how many moles of #O_2#?

1 Answer
Feb 3, 2016

Clearly it is 2 moles.


I would look at your equation again. You have even balanced and formatted it properly. What does it say? It says 1 molecule of hydrogen sulfide reacts with 2 molecules of oxygen to make 1 molecule of sulfuric acid.

What is the relationship between molecules and moles? A mole is simply Avogadro's number of molecules, a very large number, i.e. #N_A=6.022xx10^23# #mol^-1#. In the reaction you have given above, I could CORRECTLY say that 1 molecule of hydrogen sulfide reacts, or 1 MOLE of hydrogen sulfide reacts.

Please note that sulfuric acid is not produced in this way (from so-called conc. sour gas which sends the environmentalists screaming), and I doubt hydrogen sulfide can be oxidized up to to sulfuric acid easily.