In the sentence, "Did you just say, "Her name is Marcia"" where should the question mark be placed?

1 Answer
Mar 14, 2018

Yes, good question.


Look, this is not a simple question unless you know Oxford VS AP style of writing.

Question of PUNCTUATION rules.

In the world two powerful styles are Oxford and AP ( the USA)

So if you want to write meticulously, you have to know both punctuation rules too.

Fortunately, a few differences are both of them but the some differences are so troublesome too like before dependent clause should we need a COMMA? Like AP style doesn't follow it.

I personally just follow the AP style, but my majority of students are for IELTS test seekers. So, I advised them just follow the Cambridge dictionary. Many are for GMAT/SAT, so I follow a balance what you need.

I like to tell you so, if you like to follow the British English ( completely your issue) pls follow the Oxford style or follow AP.

Get helped by the dictionary of them ( Oxford or Webster) to understand the clear cut of this QUOTATION MARK issue.

Hope it works.