In which sentence is the punctuation correct?

A. Marge said The train is just leaving.
B. Marge "said The train is just leaving."
C. Marge said "The train is just leaving".
D. Marge said, "The train is just leaving."

1 Answer
Mar 18, 2018

Sentence C


Let's analyze each of the sentences:

Sentence A: We would need quotation marks to indicate what Marge is saying. This sentence is void of them.

Sentence B: This choice includes quotations, but implies that she said #color(blue)({"said the train is just leaving"})#, in which it would make no sense for her to say "said" in this context.

Sentence C: This sentence is correct because it accurately positions quotation marks around what Marge would actually say.

Sentence D: This choice has an unnecessary comma. Commas are for separating ideas, but {Marge said "the train is just leaving"} is one idea on its own.

In short:

  • Sentence A is void of quotation marks
  • Sentence B has quotations around the word "said"
  • Sentence C has quotations around what makes sense for Marge to say
  • Sentence D has an unnecessary comma

Hope this helps!