Ionization help, please?

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Mar 9, 2018


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You have to use this lovely equation that uses the Rydberg constant, #R_H = 2.18xx10^-18J#

The energy of an electron in the hydrogen atom at a certain energy leve, n, is given by:
#E_n = -R_H(1/n^2)#

The energy of an electron on the n=6 energy level is:
#E_6 = -2.18xx10^-18J(1/6^2)#
#E_6 = -6.06xx10^-20J#

You want to ionize the electron, so you want to get it completely away from the atom. You want to get it to the 10th level? 100th level? You want to get it to the infinite energy level, which means it is off the atom.

At the n = ∞ level, the electron has no energy (by convention).
#E_∞ = -R_H(1/∞^2)# = 0

So you want the change in energy, #ΔE = E_f-E_i#

#ΔE = 0-(-6.06xx10^-20) = 6.06xx10^-20J#