Is teleportation of matter in large amounts possible and if so , will be it be possible to teleport living things through space-time ?

1 Answer
Feb 22, 2018

Large scale teleportation is probably not possible.


Teleportation means moving an object from one place to another almost instantaneously.

There have been reports of teleportation experiments that involve small particles. Arguably, as particles are indistinguishable, it may not have been the same particle at the other end.

If you consider a large object, or something as complex as a living things then the problems are huge. If you turn an object into energy and reconstruct it, then the amount of energy involved is huge as the equation #E=mc^2# proves. If anything went wrong there would be a huge explosion. Also, managing that amount of energy is currently impossible.

The other problem is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. You can't know everything about the state of a particle accurately. So, for a living organism it would be impossible to reconstruct the original state of the organism.

Star Trek invented the transporter to save the cost of shuttle landing and takeoff scenes. They had to invent the "Heisenberg compensator" technobabble to make it feasible. Teleportation is pure science fiction unless we discover new physics.