Is the following sentence missing semicolons or commas? If so, where?: It is raining outside I will bring my umbrella with me.

1 Answer
May 29, 2018

Please see below:


First of all, what is the difference between semicolons and commas? In order to know when to put them, you need to know what their purpose is.

  • Semicolons separate independent clauses when there is no conjunction (which is a word like "and" or "but").

  • Commas are used to separate dependent clauses, independent clauses when there are conjunctions being used, lists, and phrases.

In your sentence, there needs to be a semicolon, because there are two independent clauses without a conjunction in between.

#stackrel"independent clause"overbrace"It is raining outside"##color(red);# #stackrel"independent clause"overbrace"I will bring my umbrella with me."#