Is the whole theory of evolution based on natural selection?

1 Answer
Mar 10, 2017

No Natural selection is a a key element of Darwinian evolution but it is also based on a number of other assumptions and observations.


A. Darwinian evolution is not based just on natural selection it is also based on the assumption that everything happens only by natural cause.

B. Darwinian evolution is based on the observation that organisms have far more offspring than the environment can support, so some will survive and some will not.

C. Natural selections is the idea that natural forces will select the offspring that are based suited to the environment will survive to reproduce and have off spring.

D. Darwinian evolution proposes the idea of descent with modification, that is all life started with a single cell with an infinite possibility of variation.

E. Darwinian Evolution is based on Hutton and Lyell's theory of uniformtarism in geology ( that is the present is the key to past and that the processes observed today working very slowly over vast periods of time have created what is observed today)

Natural selection is the mechanism proposed to explain how life could evolution by natural causes from what is observed today from a single cell. There are several observations and assumptions that are included in the theory.

Natural selection can only explain the extinction of life forms not the creation of new life forms.