Is there any overlap between religious views of how the world was created and scientific theories?

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May 1, 2016

In ancient times, religion and science were inseparable. It is unit of time that matters. 1 day in religious books might be 1 million years on the current time scale. See explanation. .


Hindus' ancient time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology - #Carl Edward Sagan#

Presumably, scientists might have had some basic quintessential clues from faith-related stories, for their research on materials, particles acquiring mass (accretion), baffling Dark matter, Photon, Quanta and so on.

Please do not think that I am batting for religions. I am speaking truth, despite that I am an agnostic to all superstitious aspects of all faiths. I ever maintain that science has a supervisory control over other faiths, in endorsing science in religion. I do not see that it is vice versa.

If any reader is interested, I would e-send my whole essay titled "9 Science and Religion", pp121-139, in my book "Faiths And Proximate Truths" (2010) that deals with your subject, at length.