Is 'this" a possessive adjective?

1 Answer

No - it can be used as an adjective but not as a possessive one.


Let's see...

First, we need to know that a possessive adjective is 1. an adjective (that is, it modifies a noun) and 2. it demonstrates that the noun is owned or possessed by something or someone. For example, I can write:

The red luggage is my luggage. - "My" is a possessive adjective.

Does "this" meet that test? No - there isn't a way to use "this" as a possessive adjective. (The words in this list from the link below are possessive adjectives: my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their).

There is something else called a possessive pronoun - which is a pronoun that indicates possession. Here too, though, "this" doesn't meet the test:

The red luggage is mine - "mine" is a possessive pronoun. But the word "this" can't express the same feeling of ownership.

"This" can be both a pronoun (ex. This is mine) and an adjective (ex. I want this one, not that one) but not as a possessive form of them.