Is this third person or second person point of view? Can you explain why?

With her brothers and sisters near, with the two youngest asleep in the back seat, sitting as they were in a cocoon of darkness, she should feel safe. But she didn't. Though it was standing still, the car seemed to be flying down a highway, going too fast. Even the dark inside of it was not deep enough to hide them. Faces might appear in the windows at any time, asking angry questions.

1 Answer
Apr 21, 2016

Third person.


There are three points of view - first, second and third person. First person uses "I, me, my" and is used in autobiographical or pretend-autobiographical writing.

Second person writing uses "you, your, yours" and is often used in things like cookery books or instructional manuals - 'You must do A before doing B' for example.

Third person writing uses "he, she, they" and is used for writing about people in a historical way, as if recounting real events that happened to other people, usually in the past.