It cost George $678 to make wreaths. How many wreaths must he sell at $15 apiece to make a profit?

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George paid $678 to make wreaths and is going to sell them at $15 each. How many must he sell to start making a profit?

We can do this in a few ways, so let me start with this one - we know that if he sells one wreathe, he will get $15. And if he sells two, he gets $30. And so on. So we can say:

#15W=$# - for each W(reathe) he sells, the value $ goes up by 15. So how many do we need to get $=678? Let's find out:



Ok - so when he sells no. 45, he's still not quite at his breakeven point yet (#45xx15=675#) and so needs to sell 46 to start making money.