Johnathan has 2500 kg of sand delivered to a construction site every day. About how many tons of sand does he have delivered to the site after 4 weeks?

1 Answer

77 imperial tons or 70 metric tons


We have 2500kg of sand being delivered every day to a construction site for 4 weeks (let's assume delivery occurs every day and doesn't skip weekends). How much sand is that?


Ok, so we now know the total amount of sand delivered expressed in kilograms. But we're asked for tons.

Depending on where you live, the term "ton" can mean either 2,000 pounds or 1,000 kilograms. So let's do it both ways. I'll differentiate the 2 by calling the 2,000 pounds one an "imperial ton" and the other I'll call a "metric ton".

First imperial ton - I'll do this by using a conversion to pounds first, then to tons:

#70,000color(red)cancel(color(black)(kg))((2.2color(red)cancel(color(black)"pounds"))/(1color(red)cancel(color(black)"kg")))((1"ton")/(2000 color(red)cancel(color(black)"pounds")))=77 "imperial tons"#

Now metric ton:

#70,000color(red)cancel(color(black)"kg")((1 "ton")/(1000 color(red)cancel(color(black)"kg")))=70 "metric tons"#