Kael needs to transfer exactly 25.0 cm^3 of hydrochloric acid into a conical flask for an experiment of neutralisation. What is the best piece of apparatus to use?

1 Answer
Oct 13, 2016

A #25*mL# volumetric pipette, made out of glass.


See this site. A range of pipettes are listed. The pipette you would use is a volumetric pipette, which come in several sizes, i.e. #1*mL#, #10*mL#, #25*mL#, etc., that is calibrated to deliver the required volume (note that #1*cm^3-=1*mL#) within a specified range.

These are precision instruments, which take a bit of practice and care to use (and of course they are fragile!). Get your demonstrator to show you to correct technique, (he or she might be all thumbs, so it might be funny).