Latanya made a 17-minute phone call from her hotel in France and was charged 17 euro. At the time, $1 was worth 0.82 euro. Find the cost per minute of the call in dollars?

1 Answer
Aug 7, 2018

$1.2 per minute


From the question, we can obtain the following:

  • 17-minute phone call costs 17 euro, which can be written as
    #("17 euro")/("17 minute")#

  • $1 was worth 0.82 euro. This can be written as: #("$1")/("0.82 euro")#

In order to find out the cost per minute of the call in dollars, we can arrange the two relationships in a manner that will cancel out the euros, giving dollars per minute:

#"cost of call"=(17 cancel("euro"))/("17 minute")xx("$1")/(0.82 cancel("euro"))=($1.2)/("minute")#