Liz wants to buy her favorite musical groups new CD. The CD costs $15.24, including tax. Liz gives the store clerk a twenty-dollar bill. How much change should Liz get back?

2 Answers
Jun 19, 2017

She should get back 9.76


If Liz pays 15.24 and she gives 25, then to find out how much she gets back, you would subtract the two amounts to see whats left.

NOTE: Subtract what she gave with what she owes

You would do,

25 - 15.24 = 9.76

Jun 29, 2017

Liz should get back #$4.76# in change.


The amount of change that Liz will get back is the difference between the amount she gave and the cost of the CD.

Since she gave a #$20# bill, and the CD costs #$15.24#, the difference is:



Hence the amount of change Liz should get back is #$4.76#.