Meaning of "lines"?

The word “line” has so many meanings that it is often hard for me to know what its actual meaning is.
For example, I don’t understand the meaning of the “lines” in the following sentences. Could you please briefly explain? Thank you very much in advance.
1) The song “Silence is golden” has a line that reads “How many times will she fall for his lines ”.
2) The song “Send in the crowns” has a line that reads “sure of my lines ”.

1 Answer
  1. The noun "lines" is used as an informal word for glib or insincere talk intended to deceive or impress.
  2. The noun "lines" refers to the words of a script intended for an actor.


There certainly are a lot of meanings of the word (both a noun or a verb) "line" or "lines".

  1. An informal noun means it's slang. The sentence infers that she is a fool for falling for his glib talk again. She should know better than to believe him this time.

  2. Each performer must memorize the "lines" spoken by their character. In addition, the line of the song refers to both the spoken words and the action and emotion that must go into the role they are playing. The song infers that they have them down pat.

Note: The song in number 2 is "Send In The Clowns". The song is comparing an up and down, round and round relationship to that of the actions of clowns.