Mention 4 elements which exhibit allotropy?

1 Answer
May 3, 2018

Carbon, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Silicon


Carbon- has plenty of allotropes, including Diamond, Graphite, Graphene, fullerene... All of which have unique properties with a range of uses.

Oxygen has the standard #O_2# and Ozone, #O_3#. Ozone is important because it protects us from the harmful UV radiation from the sun, due to the ozone layer.

Phosphorus has a few allotropes as well, one of the most famous (or infamous) being White Phosphorus #P_4# containing 4 phosphorus atoms bonded in a tetrahedral structure. Reason for infamy is its potential use as an incendiary weapon.

Silicon is normally in a crystalline structure, but there is such a thing Amorphous silicon which is used in a variety of electronic devices due to its ability to act as a semiconductor.