Merin earns 1.5 times her normal hourly rate for each hour she works after 40 hours in a week. She worked 48 hours this week and earned $650. What is her normal hourly rate?

1 Answer
Jan 12, 2017



Based on the given information, here's what we know:

  • Merin worked 40 hours on regular rate
  • She worked 8 hours on 1.5x regular rate.
  • She earned a total of $650

Now, we can use this information to set up an equation. Let's call Merin's regular hourly rate #x#. Let's now translate the first two sentences into equations:

  • 40 hours on regular rate #=> 40x#
  • 8 hours on 1.5x regular rate #=> 8(1.5x) = 12x#

We know that the two must add up to $650, or the total sum of money she earned in these 48 hours. Hence, our final equation is:

#40x + 12x = 650#

#=> 52x = 650#

Now, it's a basic algebra problem. Simply divide both sides by #52#, and you have your answer:

#x = 650/52 = 12.5#

In words, Merin earns $12.5/hour.

Hope that helped :)