Myra can fill 18 glasses with 2 containers of iced tea. How many glasses can she fill with 3 containers of tea?

1 Answer
Dec 15, 2016



18 glasses to 2 containers: #(18 \text( glasses))/(2 \text( containers))#
Simplify by dividing top and bottom by 2:
#(\stackrel{9}{\cancel(18)}text( glasses))/(\stackrel[1){\cancel{2}}\text( containers))\rArr(9text( glasses))/(1\text( container))#

Now use this ratio in dimensional analysis to find how much glasses 3 containers would fill.
#3\cancel(\text( containers))\times(9\text( glasses))/(1\cancel(\text( container)))=(3\times9\text( glasses))/1=(27\text( glasses))/1=27\text( glasses)#